Poster Sessions from 2016

A new approach to poster presentation was introduced at the ISPN meeting in Kobe. 

Each poster presenter had a chance to present his work to a group of interested delegates. Chairs moderating each poster group also allowed time for discussion for each poster.

During the 3 days of poster sessions we could hear about the following topics:

1. Day Topics: Craniofacial, Epilepsy and Functional, Spine

 DSC_0703.JPG DSC_0711.JPG

2. Day Topics: Hydrocephalus, Vascular, Trauma

DSC_0073.jpg DSC_0082.JPG

DSC_0113.jpg DSC_0065.JPG

3. Day Topics: Neuro-oncology, Neuro-imaging, Molecular biology

DSC_0351 (2).jpg DSC_0339.jpg

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