Scientific Highlights from 2016


Review of the day's highlights

Stefan Pfister, Anthony Figaji, Gianpiero Tamburrini, Koichi Ichimura and  Stephanie Puget had a lively discussion of the day's highlights, where participants had an opportunity to ask the specialists in the field questions regarding hot topics.

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Special symposium 2

Hemispheral LGG

  1. Gianpiero Tamburrini (ITALY) - LGG in infants: DIG and astrocytoma
  2. Tad Tomita (USA) - LGG in children: DNT and ganglioglioma
  3. James Rutka (CANADA) - Epilepy from low grade gliomas: Current practice and controversies

Special Symposium 3

Neurosurgery Education - Hard to give and hard to take - the role of feedback in learning

  1. Wan Tew Seow (SINGAPORE)
  2. Debra Nestel (AUSTRALIA)



Plenary Session 1

Fetal diagnosis and management

  1. Tad Tomita (USA) – ISPN @ 44: historical reflection
  2. Ritsuko Pooh (JAPAN) – Prenatal diagnosis of CNS anomalies

Plenary Session 2

Spine and Craniofacial

Maximilian Muenke (USA) - Genetics of craniosynostosis


Plenary Session 3

Craniofacial | Epilepsy & Functional

James Rutka (CANADA) - The genetics of epilepsy: a practical guide for the neurosurgeon

Plenary Session 4


James T Rutka (CANADA) - Leadership in Neurosurgery: Lessons learned


Plenary session 6


  1. Stefan Pfister (GERMANY) - Molecular neuro-oncology
  2. Sergio Valenzuela (CHILE) - Tumours in the first year of life

Plenary Session 7


  1. Koichi Ichimura (JAPAN) - Molecular biology of CNS germ cell tumours
  2. Hideyuki Okano (JAPAN) - iPS research in fetal CNS malformations


Plenary session 8

Nursing and Hydrocephalus

  1. Cathy Cartwright (USA) - Pediatric Neurosurgery Nursing
  2. Peter Ssenyonga (UGANDA) - Assessing outcome in hydrocephalus
  3. Abhaya Kulkarni (CANADA) - Hydrocephalus State-of-the-art 2016

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