ISPN 2018 - Getting to Tel Aviv

Getting to Tel Aviv

Ben Gurion International Airport is the main international airport of Israel, located 19 km to the southeast of Tel Aviv. The airport handles flights from over 100 major international airlines.

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Shuttle Service between Terminals

There is a shuttle service between Terminal 3 and Terminal 1 operating free of charge.

The timetable for the shuttle service can be found here.

Location of the Shuttle Station

From Terminal 3 to Terminal 1:  Level G, next to the station of the Long- Term Car Park shuttle.

From Terminal 1 to Terminal 3: in front of Terminal 1, opposite to Gate 4.



Passport Control

Upon arrival in Israel, visitors go to passport control and must present a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of their departure.

Please note, Israel has a technological system in place for immigration and security. At arrival, Border Control will provide an ''Electronic Gate Pass'' that depicts your visa information, serving instead of a stamp in your passport. The Gate Pass is an official form of identification while in Israel, keep it with you during your stay.


Visitors are entitled to remain in Israel up to three months from the date of their arrival, in accordance with the conditions of the visa issued to them.

Many countries have a Visa Waiver Program with Israel, which allows their citizens to visit Israel without a visa arranged in advance. 

The list of countries in the following link specifies from which countries tourists are required to present a prearranged visa.

More information can be found here.


From & To the Airport


Taxi services operate 24 hours a day and will cost between 100 to 150 Israeli Shekel. You can order a taxi through the taxi dispatcher (Terminal 3 Level G, exit from Gate 3 / Terminal 1, near Gate 3).

Licensed taxi stands are located along the sidewalk on the ground floor level at the Gate 3 exit, and on level 2 at the Gate 21 exit.

Taxi Fare Calculator



The Ben Gurion Airport station offers good connections to Tel Aviv and Northern cities. There are 4 stations in Tel Aviv, you might require a taxi or bus to get from the train station to your accommodation.

The train arrives at Terminal 3. Passengers departing from Terminal 1 can reach the terminal by using the internal bus service (shuttle) free of charge.

Trains are fast and fares are reasonable. Fares and a journey planner can be found on the website of the Israel Railways.

Note that trains do not run on Shabbat, meaning there is no train from Friday afternoon and until Saturday evening.



There are a number of bus lines arriving at the El-Al Junction on Road 40, approximately 5 km from Ben Gurion Airport.

Lines 5, 13 and 239 operate as a shuttle service between the El Al Junction and Ben Gurion Airport.

Detailed information about routes and lines can be found on the busses information services website.


Getting Around

Getting around the city is quite easy and most commonly done by taxi or bus.

You can flag taxis on the street or do as the locals and use a phone app such as GetTaxi (Gett).

Bus tickets can be purchased at the ticket booths in the central bus station or from the driver. Instead of a single ticket, you can purchase a Rav Kav Card for a small fee. You can top-up the card with money for a single ticket of multi-rides, and you'll receive some discount and avoid handling cash.

Routes and lines can be found on the busses information services website, or use an app like Moovit to get directions for public transit.

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