Visa Information

Visa Information


All visitors to Israel must hold a passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of their arrival. Visitors are allowed to remain in Israel for up to 3 months from the date of their arrival. 

Many countries have a Visa Waiver Program with Israel, which allows their citizens to visit Israel without a visa arranged in advance. Before going to the mission, please check whether you need to obtain a pre-arranged tourist visa to visit Israel. 

The list of countries in the following link specifies from which countries tourists are required to present a prearranged visa

All Visa Waiver Program travelers must present a machine-readable passport at the port of entry in order to enter Israel without a prearranged visa; otherwise, a visa is required. This applies to tourists arriving with a laissez passer from countries with a Waiver Program.

Visitors from countries that are not members of the Visa Waiver Program must make a request for an entry permit/visa from the Israeli consulate in their country or region before they arrive in Israel.

Please click here to reach the General Information about obtaining Israel visa (refer to point 7. “B/2 Visitor's visa”).

For more information please contact your nearest Embassy, Consulate or local travel agency well in advance. It is the responsibility of the participant to obtain a visa if required.

**Malaysian & Indonesian Citizens please click here for more information. 

**Malaysian & Indonesian Citizens could download and complete TWO visa application forms from here (Form1 & Form2) or from the website

Should you need any further visa information for visitors from countries that are not members of the Visa Waiver Program  please do not hesitate to contact the Meeting Secreteriat, Ms. Neyir Seda Utugen,


The Israeli passport stamp used to be a question for many visitors. Today, Israel no longer stamps passports at airports and most Land Crossings. Passport stamping has been replaced by the issuing of an entry card. 

Nevertheless, because at times technical difficulties arise, and at times, the border control must revert to back to the method of stamping passports, we recommend that tourists continuing from Israel on to Arab countries officially request that an Israeli stamp does not appear on their passport. The tourist must notify the clerk of this request before documents are stamped.



Participants requiring a formal letter of invitation to enable them to make their arrangements to participate in the Meeting can download a letter from the Meeting website.

Please note that this letter cannot be regarded as a commitment regarding scheduling or financial support from the organizers.

Please click here to generate your invitation letter.   

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